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Season 4

Aggie Kobrin Episode

S4 E1—Aggie Kobrin

Aggie Kobrin is the founder and partner at CEC Global LLC, an event management and media production and distribution company that has produced hundreds of events, large and small globally.
Will Keeps Episode

S4 E2—Will Keeps

Will Keeps grew up and was engaged in gang violence in a rough part of Chicago. Today, he has a passion for helping youth-at-risk through his talent as a hip hop artist and rapper.
Francis French Episode

S4 E3—Francis French

Francis French, an author who has written a number of books on space history and exploration, has appeared on ABC, Discovery Channel, History Channel, Science Channel, BBC, and NPR.
Fred Haise Episode

S4 E4—Fred Haise

Fred Haise's most memorable role was that of the Lunar Module Pilot for the infamous Apollo 13 mission (and if you saw the movie, he was played by the late Bill Paxton).
Sara Stibitz Episode

S4 E5—Sara Stibitz

Sara Stibitz works with authors helping them perfect their work. She's also a writer herself and has written articles for a variety of publications including The Harvard Business Review.
Ken Schmidt Episode

S4 E6—Ken Schmidt

Ken Schmidt is the former Director of Communications Strategy at Harley Davidson and author of the new book, Make some Noise: The Unconventional Road to Dominance.
Miles Nielsen Episode

S4 E7—Miles Nielsen

Miles Nielsen is a very talented song writer, singer, and musician and son of Rick Nielsen, the great lead guitarist of Cheap Trick (the guy with bow tie & hat).
Carrie Copley Episode

S4 E8—Carrie Copley

Carrie Copley is the author of Finding Joy and a life coach who helps others achieve a happier, healthier, and better life.
Gerry Griffin Episode

S4 E9—Gerry Griffin

Gerry Griffin was a Flight Director for Mission Control during the Apollo Missions as well as an engineer, former Air Force officer/navigator, and former director of the Johnson Space Center.