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Season 2

Cassie Lee Episode

S2 E1—Cassie Lee

Cassie Lee is an aerospace engineer who has worked at NASA, SpaceX and Sierra Nevada Space Systems. She's currently the head of space programs at Vulcan Aerospace (Paul Allen's company).
Dr. David Gallo Episode

S2 E2—Dr. David Gallo

Dr. David Gallo is an oceanographer and one of the world's leading experts on ocean exploration. He's led expeditions to the Titanic and led the international effort that found Air France 447.
Rob Manning Episode

S2 E3—Rob Manning

Rob Manning is the Chief Engineer for NASA's Jet Propulsion Labs (JPL). He was also the chief engineer on all of the Mars rovers including Pathfinder, Spirit, Opportunity, and Curiosity.
Tricia Eaton Episode

S2 E4—Tricia Eaton

Tricia Eaton is an online auction expert who serves as Chief Marketing Officer for RR Auction. She's also an expert when it comes to evaluating and appraising autographs.
Jason Feifer Episode

S2 E5—Jason Feifer

Jason Feifer is Editor-In-Chief for Entrepreneur magazine. He's also an author and the host of two podcasts: Problem Solvers and the Pessimists Archive.
Brian Nelson Episode

S2 E6—Brian Nelson

Brian Nelson is founder of ExTech Ventures, a company focused on helping exponential technology entrepreneurs launch world-changing products (including crytocurrency).
Mike Draper Episode

S2 E7—Mike Draper

Mike Draper is an entrepreneur who turned selling t-shirts on the street into one of the Midwest's most successful businesses, RAYGUN.
Katie Byers Episode

S2 E8—Katie Byers

Katie Byers is an entrepreneur and lover of live music who turned that passion into one of Iowa's best new start-up ventures, HomeDitty.
Rob Wolfe Episode

S2 E9—Rob Wolfe

Rob Wolfe, a "picker" of antiques and original paint cars and trucks. He's also the co-host on History Channel's hit reality show American Pickers, traveling the country looking for "rusty gold."
Dr. Nathalia Holt Episode

S2 E10—Dr. Nathalia Holt

Dr. Nathalia Holt is a science writer and New York Times bestselling author of Rise of the Rocket Girls (if you liked the movie Hidden Figures then you'll love this book and her story).
Greg Russell Episode

S2 E11—Greg Russell

Greg Russell is a 16-time Oscar nominated and Emmy-award winning sound mixer. He's been doing this for over 40 years and his resume includes over 200 feature films and television credits.
Jonathan Frakes Episode

S3 E12—Jonathan Frakes

Jonathan Frakes is an actor, director, and producer best known for his role as Commander William T. Riker of the Starship Enterprise on Star Trek: The Next Generation.