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Anthony Paustian
Anthony D. Paustian, Ph.D.

Dr. Anthony Paustian has a distinctive background including a unique mix of education in educational psychology, business administration, design, and technology. This education, along with decades of professional experience in strategic leadership and marketing, has provided him a broad understanding of what actually works in daily practice.

After his Air Force days on F-111s to building national brands, Dr. Paustian was given an uncommon opportunity in life…to design and build a college campus from scratch. Since that time, the Des Moines Area Community College West Des Moines Campus has appeared in national media including CNN, CNBC, Wired, USA Today, NPR and has won awards for its leadership in innovation including being featured on the InfoWorld 100 List (#51) of the nation's most innovative organizations. Through it all, Dr. Paustian has had the privilege to serve as leader and coach to a very talented group of staff and faculty who have worked to make the campus a unique learning environment.

In 2006, Dr. Paustian created the Celebrate! Innovation Exhibition; a new type of campus learning environment where students are surrounded by the stories of great innovators through larger-than-life visuals, exhibits, and through an annual Celebrate! Innovation Week (ciWeek) where the people behind the stories come from all over the world to tell those stories firsthand. The Celebrate! Innovation Exhibition is currently on the Iowa Department of Tourism's list of places to visit.

Dr. Paustian has written a number of books including Imagine! (©1997 Simon & Schuster), Bridging the Gap (©2002 Paradigm Publishing), and Beware the Purple People Eaters: A Personal Look at Leadership (©2012 BookPress Publishing). His most recent book, A Quarter-Million Steps (©2017 BookPress Publishing), takes the lessons he learned from his conversations with many of the men who made the quarter-million mile trek to the Moon along with much of his personal life experience and applies them as a metaphoric call to action in the areas of creativity, imagineering, strong leadership, perception, a solid work ethic, teamwork, focus, and so much more.