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A Step Beyond Podcast Spacer
A Step Beyond Podcast
Inspired Imagination.
Podcast debuts Fall 2017
Confirmed guests include:
Kari Byron
Co-host of Discovery's MythBusters and the White Rabbit Project on Neflix
Al Worden
Apollo 15 astronaut
Dr. Niall McCann
Explorer and host of the Biggest and Baddest on NatGeo and Animal Planet
Dr. David Gallo
Oceanographer and expedition leader to the RMS Titanic
Gabor George Burt
Global strategy pioneer and author of the bestselling book, Slingshot
Kaila Mullady
2015 world champion beat boxer
Howard Berger
Oscar and Emmy Award-winning visual effects and make-up designer
Jon Wellner
Actor (CSI Las Vegas & Ocean's 13) and co-founder of Entertainment Reseach
Greg Russell
16-time Oscar-nominated sound engineer
Dr. Gene Poor
Animatronics engineer and professor of entrepreneurship
Clayton Anderson
Shuttle and ISS astronaut
Emily Calandrelli
Host of Fox's Xploration Outer Space
Cassie Lee
Former NASA engineer and co-founder of the Brooke Owens Fellowship Program
Adam Carroll
Director/producer of the documentary, Broke, Busted & Disgusted
Jennie Baranczyk
Drake University women's basketball coach
and many more...