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ISBN: 978-0-9964428-9-3   ISBN: 978-0-9855133-0-6   ISBN: 0-13-234808-X
Hardback • $19.95   Hardback • $19.95   Paperback
240 Pages • © 2017   160 Pages • © 2012   192 Pages • © 1997
Drawing inspiration from the epic story of the Apollo Moon Program, collected research, and his own life experiences, Dr. Anthony Paustian outlines the many small steps it takes to achieve anything great in life. With the practical tools described in this imaginative, easy-to-read book, A Quarter Million Steps teaches the reader how to affect change and create success through imagination, creative problem-solving, effective leadership, mental focus, work ethic, teamwork, and an understanding of the role of perception. The reader will learn less about what to think and more about how to think.
  Although there are many great books discussing traditional leadership, Beware the Purple People Eaters takes a slightly different view––effective leadership of others begins first with leading yourself. Through the incorporation of personal observations, life experience and collective history, Beware the Purple People Eaters encourages readers to consider a more introspective view of the necessary attributes of successful leadership, beginning with the lessons our parents taught us.   This unique guide/handbook was designed as a "tool" to help readers learn and practice some of the methods and techniques necessary to free and develop their creative thinking skills. As an interactive book it allows readers to grow and encourages them to apply and use what they learn throughout their daily lives.
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